PUTINVEST d.o.o. was established in 2003 in Belgrade, as a private company for studies, road design and engineering.

We prepare technical documentation for all types of traffic surfaces with related infrastructure; technical control of technical documentation; preparation of studies and designs for traffic signage; surveying as a preliminary step for designing; and consulting services, such as project management, supervision, contract management, technical inspection of executed works, etc.

Putinvest meets all legally stipulated conditions for all afore-mentioned activities, and is also registered in the Register of Bidders for public procurements in the Republic of Serbia (Search).


Putinvest holds licenses P131G2 and P131S1 granted by the Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia. According to the current Law on Planning and Construction of the Republic of Serbia, these licenses are mandatory for preparation of designs for roads, traffic and traffic signage for state roads of the first and second order, connections to those roads, road structures, and border crossings.


In addition to these licenses, Putinvest holds a license granted by the Republic Geodetic Authority of the Republic of Serbia. This license gives Putinvest the authority to conduct surveying according to Art. 12, Law on State Surveysand Cadaster.

These licenses are granted under conditions specified in the law, which implies, first of all, highly competent staff.


Putinvest is a team of engineers with BSc and MSc degrees in civil engineering, traffic engineering and geodesy. All staff members, as well as external experts hired for specific projects, hold all necessary licenses granted by competent institutions.

We use modern computer equipment with licensed software for general and special purposes, and surveying instruments owned by Putinvest, with pertaining calibration certificates. Putinvest engineering team members are committed to continuous professional development and keeping up with trends in their relevant fields of science and engineering.

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PUTINVEST owes its business success to joint efforts of all staff members led by the vision of good and safe road and traffic infrastructure, high levels of service, in accordance with all regulatory requirements and the best professional practice.

Every employee feels like an important part of a motivated, innovative and creative team. We foster good interpersonal relations in the company, based on mutual respect, exchange of ideas and care for employees. We encourage continuous professional development, since individual growth means the growth and development of our company.


  • Responsible designers of roads/railways
  • Responsible structural designers for buildings
  • Responsible urban planners for managing development of urban plans for roads/railways
  • Responsible designers for traffic and traffic signage
  • Responsible geodetic designers
  • Responsible engineers for energy-efficient buildings
  • Responsible contractors for traffic signage
  • Responsible surveying contractors


We help our clients keep high standards of quality, environmental protection and occupational safety throughout the project life cycle.

It is very important to us to provide services of high quality to our clients. That our clients know that we act responsibly in all domains of our business, take care of our staff members, foster environmental awareness, care for society and sustainable development, and that we are part of the global community driven by internationally accepted principles and values.

For this reason we implemented the integrated management system consisting of three main standards.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system

OHSAS 18001:2008 Occupational health and safety management system

In line with certification, the entire business is run in an organized manner, documented properly, with clearly defined responsibilities. This helps us to manage all projects in a systematic way , to implement them on time, according to the pre-defined schedules. Our work flow is under constant improvement, which also implies continuous professional development of our employees, equipment upgrades, and keeping up with new developments and trends on a global scale.


Since our staff is our most prized asset, we offer them a safe and secure working environment. The environment that promotes health, where they will feel good. As this is the only way for them to give their best at work.


Our entire organization is oriented toward sustainable development, with a special focus on environmental protection. Wherever legally permissible and feasible, we apply eco-friendly methods of work, in order to increase the ratio of renewable resources in our consumption and reduce our environmental footprint.