Aljinovići, IB29

In the Serbian road network this road belongs to the class of regional roads, marked as R-231. It is intended for mixed traffic and interconnects Nova Varoš and Sjenica. This particular section of the regional road R-231 is part of the road route interconnecting two arterial roads: M-21 Užice-Nova Varoš and M-8 Sjenica-Novi Pazar.

The horizontal alignment of the given section of the R-231 road was kept as it was, without any need for land acquisition. Appropriate elements of the horizontal alignment were applied, keeping them as similar to the previous condition as possible. The new centerline was laid out in line with the existing condition, but taking care of the side to which the carriageway would be extended, if needed. The relevant design vehicle used to calculate the widening in curves was a bus, i.e. a freight vehicle.