Belgrade Waterfront

Putinvest designed the horizontal and vertical alignment solutions for roads in the entire complex on the right bank of the Sava river, as needed for the planning document for the Belgrade Waterfront project, as well as geodetic plans for the cadastral municipalities Savski Venac and New Belgrade, for the same project.

  • Construction design of roads
  • Traffic signage and equipment
  • Geodetic surveying
  • Consulting services in the domain of civil engineering and legislation governing civil engineering matters

In the baseline condition, this was a five-way traffic-light-controlled intersection with extremely problematic traffic conditions for (transit) freight traffic and access to the “Lasta” bus terminal, warehouses and other facilities, and with tramway traffic, too.

The layout with the 38m-long roundabout, D=38.00m, 10m-wide pavement, and the circle, R=9,00m with 2.0 m transition pavement and tramway tracks running through the center of the roundabout, is better and safer for all traffic flows within the current street network and with current traffic volume.