Central roundabout in Loznica – Vuka Karadžića Square

The zone of this square is an independent unit in terms of traffic, functionality, urban planning, and construction, with necessary relocation and extension of infrastructural systems.

The solution has been defined in conformity with the conditions defined with the Client and relevant institutions in Loznica:

  • To set the roundabout within the available space as much as possible, without any major disruptions to the profiles of the surrounding streets;
  • To harmonize the elevations with the near-by facilities, providing for gravity drainage and collection of atmospheric water;
  • To harmonize all horizontal and vertical elements of the connecting streets with the existing condition, usage of street profiles, traffic regime and other elements;
  • To harmonize all traffic and other edging elements with the design solutions for the Square and surfaces not covered by the design documentation;
  • To include into the design documentation all possibilities to accommodate stops for public suburban (town) transport lines from/to Valjevo and Zajača;
  • To define possibilities for taxi stands in the zone of the Square;
  • To find a proper solution for the intersection of Luke Stevića and Kneza Miloša (direction to Šabac) streets, and the connection between Bolnička street and the parking in the zone of Gradska kafana (the central town tavern);
  • To preserve the existing green areas as much as possible, and to define new ones in the zone of the newly designed Square.