Crkvena Street, Mladenovac

Final rehabilitation design of Crkvena street, section from Kralja Petra Ι Street to Milosava Vlajića Street, Mladenovac.

Crkvena Street is one of the oldest streets in the town, currently used for internal traffic only - access way - with a single vehicular connection to Milosava Vlajića Street. Pavement and sidewalks are paved with cobblestones (Turkish style ‘kaldirim’).

The design solution is based on the Terms of Reference and the Client’s requirements, mutually agreed upon in several consultative meetings.

The design documentation presents the solutions where the existing street regulation profile is rearranged in order to:

  • Give the street the character of a vehicular-pedestrian street with mostly pedestrian traffic, providing access to the existing facilities and passage for all types of public utility and emergency vehicles.
  • Ensure the continuity of pedestrian flows with a direct access to all existing and new facilities on both sides of the street.
  • Create special purpose areas in the zone of tree rows, flush with sidewalks, as a spatial unit to serve the needs of sidewalk users (existing and new retail units)
  • Minimize the longitudinal gradient, extremely unfavorable for pedestrians, by combining steps and mild gradients in the zone of pedestrian flows.
  • Make this part of Crkvena Street a harmonious and functional spatial unit by selecting proper materials, finishing works and a proper grade-separation design for the areas around saplings and other similar elements, while keeping investment moderate, in line with the town’s requirements and needs.