The given section of the regional road R-200 was initially designed and constructed in the mid-1930s. It connected Belgrade with Topola, via Mladenovac. Along with the existing road Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica, it was the only road paved with (natural) asphalt with the carriageway width of 5 m. At the end of the 1960s it was widened to 6m (by placement of concrete curbs and addition of a new wearing course). Until the completion of the semi-profile motorway Belgrade-Niš, the entire domestic and international traffic to the east used this route, and until the completion of the road connection Mali Požarevac-Vlaško Polje (in the 1970s), it was the only road connection between Topola, Aranđelovac and Mladenovac with Belgrade.

In the Serbian road network, this route belongs to the class of regional roads, marked as R-200. The road is intended for mixed traffic and serves as an alternative link between Belgrade and Mladenovac. The designed section starts at km 41+765, and ends at km 46+524. The design documentation was prepared in cooperation with the Client, while observing all applicable technical regulations, norms and standards.