Technical control RRSP, Year 1 – 194km

Technical control of main designs for heavy maintenance (road rehabilitation-upgrading) of sections from the first year of project, 194km, 9 sections

Road Rehabilitation and Safety Project – RRSP is part of support of international financial institutions (World Bank, European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) to the Government of the Republic of Serbia in implementing the National program for rehabilitation of the state road network. This project is implementation of the first phase of the government program for the period 2014-2019 and covers:

  • upgrading the state road network through rehabilitation of about 1,100 km of existing roads,
  • upgrading the level of safety on roads by applying traffic safety improvement measures in all project implementation phases, and
  • building capacities and improving institutional coordination in the area of traffic safety by implementing a number of different services.

The primary objective of this Service is to perform technical review of technical documentation prepared in the form of main designs for heavy maintenance, i.e. technical documentation used to ensure a higher value-in-use and durability of the road, to improve traffic safety, to ensure maximum incorporation of local community needs (social aspects) and environmental requirements into design solutions, within the given spatial limitations (the context of each section) and constraints arising from the type of construction and traffic interventions allowed (legislative base), following the principles of rationality and cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, the Service aimed to provide main designs of high-quality (uniform, complete and comprehensive content and appendices), so that the competent ministry would issue approvals for execution of works (technical documentation reception notice) within the shortest time possible, without any objections.