Žagubica – Mt. Beljanica ski resort

Preparation of the Preliminary Design and Main Design for construction of the road from Žagubica to Mt. Beljanica ski resort, approx. 26km in length. The objective was to improve the existing road Žagubica – Busovata, and the Beljanica River – Tikvica section (as a link to the road to Petrovac na Mlavi and Despotovac - under construction) and create a modern and fast access to Mt. Beljanica ski trails.

The section in the Busovata riverbed was connected with the Busovata pass with several successive serpentines with inadequate elements in the zone of a protected forest complex (natural environment). A new road is under construction on the section from the Busovata pass to the Beljanica River along a route that would meet all the needs of the ski resort.